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About Varied / Hobbyist Riku SetaFemale/Unknown Group :icondogsgeneration: DOGSGENERATION
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Game :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 0 1 Drawing in a drawing :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 1 0 Unfinished Art :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 0 4 01-Introduction :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 3 13 Gift Giver :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 23 33 Vanity Picture :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 1 14 Photoshop Trial :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 3 14 Dog's World :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 9 18 Death Angel :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 12 27 Adopt Me :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 5 3
A Story: Infatuation
"This is strange and yet cool," Drake said looking up at the coin that Charlie got from Liz. Charlie has kept the coin with him in his wallet and Drake saw this when he accidentally drop it. Drake has been examining it for half an hour already when Greg suddenly burst in their classroom.
"Guys," Greg shouted as he opened their classroom door accidentally knocking over a girl carrying some books.
"Oh, I'm so sorry," Greg said as he realized what he had done and he had knelt over to help the girl gather her books. The girl blushed when she saw Greg helping her and she quickly gathered up all her books.
"Thank you," the girl said even before Greg stood up and she quickly walks towards the table in front without looking back at him.
Greg was staring at the girl's back, quite confounded at what just happened but as he turned back, he saw a girl frowning at him. Her hands on her hips and her MP4 was hanging loosely.
"Don't you watch where you're going? Just because you're good-looking doesn'
:icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 1 0
A Story: The Secret
The leaves were turning brown and started to fall off. Drake was absentmindedly watching a leaf fall as he scratch his nose with his pen. Al was busy reading behind a thick book entitled "Jack the Reaper" while Charlie was writing feverishly, scratching off a few lines, then writing a line or two. Greg was talking to a couple of girls then he waves back at another group and walks towards their table.
"Must they always do that," Greg said giving off a heavy sigh.
"Another stalker Greg," Drake asked as he continues his stare out the window.
"Asked my cell phone number again. Seriously, are girls these days really that liberal and I thought guys should approach the girls first?"
"Well, I still do? You're the only one who breaks the rules," Drake said smiling at him mischievously.
"Finally," Charlie said as he started collecting his things off the table.
"Done with your essay already," asked Al behind his book.
"Yeah," Charlie said brightly and Drake tried to grab his essay but Charlie dre
:icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 2 0
A Story: Group of Four
Charlie lives just a few blocks away from school. He was still rubbing the spot where Liza has kissed him good bye and he was still a bit pink in the face as he walks in the lane towards school. He looks slowly around looking for his friends when suddenly, upon reaching the school gate, he knocked over a girl causing her things to fell all over the ground.
"I'm so sorry," the girl uttered to her and she muttered something incoherently. Charlie caught some words like 'late' and 'angry' then he look at her anxious face. He suddenly froze to the spot of helping her get her things. He just began to stare at her; at her black hair, her dark brown eyes, and her apprehensive face, then he suddenly realized that he was staring.
"No, I'm sorry. I should've…" Charlie started as he handed her books.
"Thanks," the girl fretfully said cutting him and getting her books and running off.
"I'm," Charlie started but the girl had already vanished from the spot and he was left looking at the spot whe
:icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 0 0
A Story: Prologue
It was a cold moonless night and the small town of Tomo was very silent. Near the end of the town near the forest is a two-storey house with a small front lawn. A small boy around two was loudly laughing with his father who was hoisting him up while his sister was looking at him, pointing and giggling. Their mother was downstairs, cooking food.
A muscular man wearing rugged jeans rang approached the house. He rang their doorbell and the mother opened it.
"Hello, good evening," the woman said as she wiped her hands on her dress.
The man remained silent and he remained standing on the door. He looks slightly anxious yet his eyes were cold and determined.
"May I know who you are," the woman asked in an authoritative voice when the man did not speak.
"Mrs. Haines, I suppose, you call someone to fix your sink," the man said in a casual voice as he peers inside the house looking around.
"Oh, right. Come in please."
Mrs. Haines led the man inside and the man looked around the house in a calcu
:icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 1 0
Walking around the world :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 3 13 Let's Play :icongriffin-riku:griffin-riku 3 11

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Riku Seta
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Couldn't say anything much but a simple hello and hi!

Favourite genre of music: JPop especially Ai Otsuka
Favourite style of art: chibi or anything cute
Operating System: Windows 8
Favourite cartoon character: Niwa Daisuke, Kyo, Xerxes Break, Ren, and a lot more
Personal Quote: Everything is possible for someone who believes they can do anything.


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